Friday, December 12, 2008

Panama Sateeshan

When Govindan quit his job in the panama factory at Hydrebad and came to his village ,people affectionately started calling him Panama Goivindan.

So it was quite obvious that when Govindan put up a stationary store at the village kavala(junction), it came to be known as panama store
As time passed and the store grew ,the junction changed so much that it demanded a name .. What else could be better name than Panama kavala?

He was 7 when someone just said (just as in chumma said)
“ thenda pokunnu sateeshan ,nammude panamyude mone .” (“There goes our Panama’s son”)
"U didnt get who"
"Nammude panama sateeshan"(“Our Panama Sateeshan”)
The name spread like wildfire and Sateeshan became Panama Sateeshan to one and all.
Time flew ,Panama Sateeshan became interested in singing and had this crazy notion that he sang well.
He was so crazy that he went to learn music professionally and after 2 years of intense training he came back a changed young man (changed means physically changed and not ability wise.) .
A singer needs a platform to perform and Panam Sateeshan sayarted searching for the right company.
But as luck would have ,his own village had govindan kutty and gopalan panikkers orchestra. Two old hands in the field of ballet.
So was born G&G VOICE. With Panam as the lead singer and G&G at the helm of music.

The connoisseurs of G&G VOICE left after their very frst show citing various reasons.
Govindan kutty “ I am too old for the these kind of stuffs” .,..
Gopalan panicker “ I wont play if Panama is the singer”
But people would swear by their ancestors that children cried continuously for two days after that firt G&G VOICE show.
The instruments left G&G VOICE with the real G&G. But it was not enough to dent the spirit of the great Panam Sateeshan.
That day he made a vow
”Be there an instrument or not, I would continue singing”
He collected tracks of hit songs and lured some young school going lads to join him..
and hence G&G VOICE was reborn.
Folklore say that whenevr there is a ‘utsavam’(yearly festival) in the nearby temple ,Panama goes there and gives money as donation to the committee members but on one condition
“MY G&G VOICE should be allowed to play one night”
Gradually it became a norm...
No utsavam would be there without a Panama song !!!!!!!
People dwindled as the shows went on.
When he sung Hemesh Reshamiyya’s song for the first time ,there was a saying amongst the villagers that their dogs howl better.
But Panama was not the type to be affected by that ..

He would sing irrespective of what others had to say about him ..Once he even sang the same song 6 times continuously in front of the only audience(hapless committee members amounting to 5)
All the committe members hado to make him sing 6 times the same song was the dialogue

If there is a marriage in the village ,there would be Panama at the forefront saying
"wat marriage is this?Marriage without music is like a meadow without grass"
He would go get amplifier, microphone and loud speaker from his home and sings free of cost ...Its true that people leave as soon as he starts ,but anyways you need people to clear out those duffer brains who lingers even after the party is over
Panama dont like budding singers like Afsal,Vinneth ,vijay and all
He is of the old school and will sing only SPB ,hariharan ,yesudas etc and his customary dialogue is “let my boys sing songs of small time singers, I will handle the tough songs: PANAMA became old but the G&G VOICE still exists and everytime utsavam comes ,Panama goes to committee office with a small bundle of notes in his hand and says
" THIS is my donation provided, ...................................................."

Saturday, November 15, 2008


• A trip to the Himalayas with my two close buddies. A whole week of trekking. A full throttle adventure trip .Mountains and forests.
• A soul searching trip through India with INDIAN RAILWAYS.
• A trackside seat for the first ever Indian Grandpre.
• To watch Arsenal play MAN united at the Emirates stadium.
• Bye to my present job. Free lancing would be perfect.
• To take my niece (hope it would be) to my favorite beach and play with her in the sea.
• Break open the nose of THE TOUGHIE with just one punch.
• Sing ‘Allah Ke Bandhe ’ in front of a crowd and yet not get killed.
• Take my Amma to all the places she want to see.
• To live alone in a 1BHK house with a small garden.
• A BIG collection of books.
• Entire collection of DOSTOVESKY.
• To be in the pit garage of Ferrari.
• To watch 100 of the best movies ever made.
• Direct a play.
• Live in Mumbai.
• Unshaven for a year.
• Walk around with a pony tail for a day.
• Ride a horse as fast as I could and reach some unknown place.
• Hike rides and travel to places I don’t have a ക്ലൂ about
• Unlimited fun day with P
• Go for a long long walk with C at Mumbai.
• Bungee jumping and Sky diving.
• Photography unplugged.
• Own entire Calvin and hobbes collection.
• A night out In my favourite beach with the stars .
• To have S*X
• And finally a ‘no return’ Jump into the sea when she is at her fury best.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


On the night of November 24 1968, a group of sixty determined to change the world, ran over a plice station in the front of Western Ghats .One of them was a girl,young enough to be a senior secondary student .The group hacked to death a wireless opertaor,fatally wounded an inspector and then went on to distribute the hoarded wealth of feudal lords who had made slaves of tribal women and men,trading them in village fairs and binding them in perpetual debt .They were declared dacoits by th emedia,the young woman's photograph was splashed everywhere as a warning and also to help law abiding citizens to give her up.Soon the people for whomthey had started the revolution got hold of a few of them including the woman.Police men raining blows on her asked her to shed her saree an her woolen pullover .in the courtyard of the local police station ,on a raised platform where the police men hoist the national falg, they paraded the teenager in her blouse and trousers which she was wearing under her saree. They called out to the huge crowd and said "This is how she roamed around the forests with men ",thus pronouncing here a whore .With police men alla round her laughing,adusing and prodding the crowd ,she stood next to the flag staff trembling,helpless,yet undefeated .She glared at the horizon from where her sun failed to rise.

Stop to think and think not to stop.The zeal in us is never to be lost.

Friday, October 31, 2008



This is taken from the work of a great man , the writer and the master in human psychology 'Dostovesky'.There is a story based on this quote but before I dwell on to that, let me take you through the life of the great master.
Dostoevsky was a nihilist and an atheist early in his life, but as time flew and his hair turned gray, he realized the voidness of nihilism or rather atheism in general. He grew more and more interested in religion. He wanted people to know the virtuous side of religion and illustrate that a person who has done wrong only needs to take one small step in the direction of goodness to be rewarded with a cascade of love and forgiveness in their lives.
With an abusive and a drunkard father, a body prone to epileptic fits, moments of insanity ,imprisonment ,dices with death, gambling craze and utter poverty, life was no cake walk for Dostoevsky .He struggled all through out ,till he drew his last breath. Those sufferings and torments gave him a clear thought process and made him a profound thinker.
He spent a good share of his life in the Siberian prison. He summed up his days in prison in a letter to his brother.
"In summer, intolerable closeness; in winter, unendurable cold. All the floors were rotten. Filth on the floors an inch thick; one could slip and fall...We were packed like herrings in a barrel...There was no room to turn around. From dusk to dawn it was impossible not to behave like pigs...Fleas, lice, and black beetles by the bushel..."

It was after the prison days that he became a serious writer. Through his literary works he became a psychologist who dissected the behavior of the so called homo sapiens .People were afraid to hear what he said or what he wrote and they were undoubtedly not ready to accept it ,because he made them bow with shame .He tore off their masks and stripped them nude in front of themselves. He made them realize how vile they are ,how miserable they are and how great life is.

Okay enough of Dostoevsky .Lemme get back to the story behind the quote.
There was a woman who never did anything pious in her whole life. She was an old miserable wretch who made life impossible for people around her with her wicked and selfish ways. So when she died, the devils threw her into the lake of fire in hell. Her guardian angel tries to think of one good deed of hers to tell God and save her from the tortures of hell, and recalls that once she pulled up an onion and gave it to a beggar.
God after hearing the angel, asks him to take that same onion and offer it to her. If she takes hold of it and the angel can pull her out with it, she can go to paradise, but if the onion breaks, she must stay in the lake of fire.
The angel offers the onion, the woman grabs it and he pulls carefully. Just as she was about to be pulled out completely, the other sinners in the lake hold onto her so that they can be pulled out with her. The woman as the person she is ,kicks them away, telling them that it is her onion, not theirs. At that moment, the onion breaks and the woman falls back into the lake, where she remains even now.

Situation: This is a story told by a sinned woman (some what a prostitute) to a young man of faith in front of a vile and a cunning careerist..

I didn’t really like the story as such and I personally don’t like the concept at all, but I liked the quote really very much .For those who are wondering why am I writing all these bull shit and sentences that doesn’t make any sense , all I can say "THIS IS MY BLOG FOLKS .I CAN WRITE ANY PEICE OF SHIT I WANT.,,,,,hahahhahaha "

Sunday, October 26, 2008


“Why do these guys take so long?”
That was going through my mind as I was standing in front of the restaurant waiting for my parcel so that the eight bowels waiting anxiously back home could be satiated.

It was 8 30 in the evening and the wide, well tarred Manacaud road immersed in the yellow light of the overhead neon lamps was at its busy best.
All of a sudden a police jeep screeched in front of me ,swerved ,drew a semi circle on the road and braked heavily with a loud squeak in front of a KSRTC bus teemed with passengers. The poor hapless bus driver was taken by surprise but nevertheless he too braked at the right time to avoid crashing into the Blue vehicle of justice.

The entire street stood watching for it was like some scene directly plucked out from the action flicks of Suresh Gopi.
The driver of the jeep, a well built man in his late twenties with a uniform clinging on to his torso and with busting biceps jumped out of the vehicle and walked briskly towards the rear of the bus. He then gets hold of the last guy who was standing on the footboard by his collar and slapped him left and right .It was followed by the next guy and the next and next .I really lost count midway ,but I did get the chance to improve my vocabulary on swearing . Such were the impact of those profanities that I knew at once my immense knowledge at this field was worthless before the master.
Seriously, this guy was so good .(How do these guys always update with new and new words? Oww Man, gems they were, wish I had a pen and a paper with me . :-( )

Our hero then punched a couple of them on their back and then pushed and shoved all those teenagers into the bus and ensured that they reached the front of the bus .Needless to say that all these were accompanied by the above said NICE words at regular intervals .
But the real icing on the cake was his last dialogue.
“If I catch anyone of you standing on the footboard again ,consider that it would be the last time you will be STANDING on anything,”
Standing tall, straightening his collar, he calmly walks back to his jeep, gets in and Vrooommmmmmmmm.

The impact was stupendous, people stood by the sidewalks in awe and undoubtedly with eyes showering respect.
As for me I couldn’t help myself admiring that guy and I am damn sure that if were part of the fairer sex,I would have fallen heads over heels for him.

It was when I collected my parcel, that the shop keeper candidly remarked “He is Suresh, the new Sub Inspector and we fondly call him SURESH GOPI”

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Its indeed a thin line between being adventurous and just being plain stupid .
It was the maddening rain that prompted our 24 year old bodies tired after a long gruesome day of being software engineers into the adventurous mode. The mere thought of rain on our faces and cold wind on our hairs propelled us to ride on our bikes in that heavy rain. So we started our 20 kilometer ride back home with no helmets ,no rain coats and nothing but our two well oiled machines with a very interesting history of failed brakes.
Rain bring songs to the heart, retracing the old melodies and re-creating the feeling of being close to the nature. So we continued our journey in that near zero percent visbility night ,battling the heavy and painful raindrops and cold winds with old songs on our lips and small beautiful lights in front of us .
The first thing I could make out in that muddy pool was that those beautiful lights were from a eight wheeled monster and that it had with utmost compassion drove us into the mud pile by the side.Brave are those who face adversities with head held high .We thought we were brave and a lorry was not going to dent our courage .Inspite of the slight bruises we had, we decided to act brave (foolish).You know what,it always works in movies.
The lorry ordeal did shake us and forced us change gears to circumspect mode .To accompany the rising fear inside the ‘acting brave’ comrades,there was this strong wind making it difficult to even keep the eyes open.
This time we were not drawn into any puddle by monster trucks ,but found ourselves a way into a water pool. If lady luck smiled on us the last time then this time she didn’t give a damn. Anyhow we had no more doubts regarding the rest of the journey because a broken silencer filled with water cleared it all for us.

  • Seven was the number of kilometers we had to push our bikes in that bloody rain to reach home .
  • Two was the no of hours it took.
  • Three was the number of flying squads that stopped us to check whether we were anti social elements.
  • One was the number of thousands it took to repair our bikes.
  • Infinity was the number of times we swore at each other that night for taking that idiotic trip

Friday, June 20, 2008

Wailing Idiot

We always let time do the trick for us. We wait and wait with the perseverance of a cat for the right time hoping it will erase all the awful memories and everything else.We anticipate that the time will bring a tide so strong that it will carry us to cheerfulness and brightness leaving behind the dreadfulness. We do nothing except the waiting.
I am now treading along a fallow path . I stutter and stammer like a toddler on his maiden journey. But still I didn’t give up. How could I give up when there are expectations upon me, responsibilities on my shoulder and moreover unfinished business. When tiredness creeps into my soul and immobilizes my legs, it is the thought of things to do that keeps me moving.

Dasavatharam-The story of disappointment

2 hours in the queue to buy the ticket and another hour long queue to get into the theatre bought me a seat ,just a spitting distance away from the screen in the cramped Ajantha theatre.But hey ,wats three hours of standing and infinite pushing and swearing at complete strangers compared to a second day ticket for the hugely hyped,highly awaiten movie DASAVATHARAM.That was my mindset when I rested my buttocks for the first time in three hours in that uncomfortable seat.

Three hours later , I left that mess of a theatre with a daunting back pain and infinitely small bug bites all over my body and moreover and most importantly with a heavy ,sad heart coz my favourite actor of all times failed me big time.I couldn’t believe the fact that such an immensely talented script writer could go so awry with a headless plot,such a wonderful technician would give his thumbs up to such a third class special effects and that the multi talented actor could go for a movie with the sole aim of creating a world record and nothing else.One too many waste characters and an irritating chiruppy ASIN with seriously questionable acting skills didn’t add one bit for the grace of the movie. Cinematography was good but the specials effects ruined that feel good factor also”.

The only people who didn’t disappoint me in the movie was kamal the actor in some roles and Hemesh Reshamiyya ,the music director.Hemesh was at his usual best with soul less songs,boring tunes and irritating music and that was what I exactly expected from him. JAnd kamal the actor was simply stunning in his portrayal of 12 century priest ,the fumbling CBI officer and as the terrorist .Rest of his characters were simply forgettable .

At the end of the movie ,I felt hugely disappointed for this is not one expects from the king of indan cinema.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kick off

Its better late than never .So gonna kick off in style .