Friday, June 20, 2008

Dasavatharam-The story of disappointment

2 hours in the queue to buy the ticket and another hour long queue to get into the theatre bought me a seat ,just a spitting distance away from the screen in the cramped Ajantha theatre.But hey ,wats three hours of standing and infinite pushing and swearing at complete strangers compared to a second day ticket for the hugely hyped,highly awaiten movie DASAVATHARAM.That was my mindset when I rested my buttocks for the first time in three hours in that uncomfortable seat.

Three hours later , I left that mess of a theatre with a daunting back pain and infinitely small bug bites all over my body and moreover and most importantly with a heavy ,sad heart coz my favourite actor of all times failed me big time.I couldn’t believe the fact that such an immensely talented script writer could go so awry with a headless plot,such a wonderful technician would give his thumbs up to such a third class special effects and that the multi talented actor could go for a movie with the sole aim of creating a world record and nothing else.One too many waste characters and an irritating chiruppy ASIN with seriously questionable acting skills didn’t add one bit for the grace of the movie. Cinematography was good but the specials effects ruined that feel good factor also”.

The only people who didn’t disappoint me in the movie was kamal the actor in some roles and Hemesh Reshamiyya ,the music director.Hemesh was at his usual best with soul less songs,boring tunes and irritating music and that was what I exactly expected from him. JAnd kamal the actor was simply stunning in his portrayal of 12 century priest ,the fumbling CBI officer and as the terrorist .Rest of his characters were simply forgettable .

At the end of the movie ,I felt hugely disappointed for this is not one expects from the king of indan cinema.

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