Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny World

And pin drop silence ensued.
I could see my brother giggling trying his level best from bursting out .

Father rushed out as if he left the button to destroy the world unguarded.
Mother was building up a small rage which clearly read ‘Don’t you have anything to study??

And off I was, banished to my room thereby scything off the regular 9-10 television time .

So what did I do wrong ?? With the Social studies book wide open , I retraced the events that occurred in the last 3minutes .

9:12 : Advertisement in tv: A guy walks to a medical shop ,seemed confused and reticent and finally blurts out stammering “Couldd I haave a packkkk of mmm aaaa mmmmm…….”

9:13: A young 11 year old lad watching the tv got more confused with the shy ways of the grown up man and blurts out “Ayye,Why is he asking for a pack of cards in a medical shop ? Ask my dad ,he has got many……. .”

9:14: Silence ensues and proclamation of banishment.

‘So what did this 11 year old lad do wrong to deserve the curtailment of the much anticipated entertainment time’ the lad goes on thinking with Social studies book open.

Monday, January 18, 2010

O ye Luckyyyyyyyy

I am the luckiest person in the world............

The toughest part in one’s life is taking the life altering decision of treading an unconventional path .It is the worst nightmare .You will draw the ire of your fellows, will have to yield to the endless flow of advices, will have to fight the demons of doubts inside you, will have to be brain dead with regard to your future and turn a stone before the predictors of your destiny.

Am I this tough??
Do I have it in me ??
Should I dare???

When you look skywards during night, the stars smilingly urge you to fly towards your dreams. The light breeze fondling those happy stars seems to whisper in your ears to find your footing. Even the rustling leaves tell you to be happy and follow your heart.It seems like everything inside you yearns for a change.

Even though torn in between the craving of my heart and the strings pulled by society I live ,I still consider myself as the luckiest person in the world.

Who else in this world could boast the fortune of having ……

A Father who listens to the weird things his son say and reply
I am not concerned about your future because I am confident in you .You will be good in whatever you do. Though I am not fully convinced with the path you are taking, but if this is what you want I will never say No.”

A poor mother who tries to conceal her grief but fails miserably and mumbles..
If you would be happy there, go for it .I just want you to be happy.”

An enigmatic elder Brother who ensures that his younger sibling wont have to take any of the household responsibilities and reminds that the family would love to see him settled.

Or your close buddy ,who just gives you a hand and say ,go live the life the way you want to . As long as I have a job, you don’t have to worry about finances.

Or your jovial pal who calls you up from across the seas the moment he hears the news and goes on swearing at you for taking such a foolish decision and finally ends up imploring you to come over to his place.

Or your sweet lovely cousin sisters who pacifies “We are stuck up doing things we don’t like and we don’t want you to be like that .You go for it and we would be by your side

With such great people around you and the confidence their words oozes in you ,you are never LONELY ,you are never DEPRESSED and you will always have the WINGS to fly.

Thankssssssssss a lot for not clipping my wings............................