Saturday, November 15, 2008


• A trip to the Himalayas with my two close buddies. A whole week of trekking. A full throttle adventure trip .Mountains and forests.
• A soul searching trip through India with INDIAN RAILWAYS.
• A trackside seat for the first ever Indian Grandpre.
• To watch Arsenal play MAN united at the Emirates stadium.
• Bye to my present job. Free lancing would be perfect.
• To take my niece (hope it would be) to my favorite beach and play with her in the sea.
• Break open the nose of THE TOUGHIE with just one punch.
• Sing ‘Allah Ke Bandhe ’ in front of a crowd and yet not get killed.
• Take my Amma to all the places she want to see.
• To live alone in a 1BHK house with a small garden.
• A BIG collection of books.
• Entire collection of DOSTOVESKY.
• To be in the pit garage of Ferrari.
• To watch 100 of the best movies ever made.
• Direct a play.
• Live in Mumbai.
• Unshaven for a year.
• Walk around with a pony tail for a day.
• Ride a horse as fast as I could and reach some unknown place.
• Hike rides and travel to places I don’t have a ക്ലൂ about
• Unlimited fun day with P
• Go for a long long walk with C at Mumbai.
• Bungee jumping and Sky diving.
• Photography unplugged.
• Own entire Calvin and hobbes collection.
• A night out In my favourite beach with the stars .
• To have S*X
• And finally a ‘no return’ Jump into the sea when she is at her fury best.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


On the night of November 24 1968, a group of sixty determined to change the world, ran over a plice station in the front of Western Ghats .One of them was a girl,young enough to be a senior secondary student .The group hacked to death a wireless opertaor,fatally wounded an inspector and then went on to distribute the hoarded wealth of feudal lords who had made slaves of tribal women and men,trading them in village fairs and binding them in perpetual debt .They were declared dacoits by th emedia,the young woman's photograph was splashed everywhere as a warning and also to help law abiding citizens to give her up.Soon the people for whomthey had started the revolution got hold of a few of them including the woman.Police men raining blows on her asked her to shed her saree an her woolen pullover .in the courtyard of the local police station ,on a raised platform where the police men hoist the national falg, they paraded the teenager in her blouse and trousers which she was wearing under her saree. They called out to the huge crowd and said "This is how she roamed around the forests with men ",thus pronouncing here a whore .With police men alla round her laughing,adusing and prodding the crowd ,she stood next to the flag staff trembling,helpless,yet undefeated .She glared at the horizon from where her sun failed to rise.

Stop to think and think not to stop.The zeal in us is never to be lost.