Saturday, November 15, 2008


• A trip to the Himalayas with my two close buddies. A whole week of trekking. A full throttle adventure trip .Mountains and forests.
• A soul searching trip through India with INDIAN RAILWAYS.
• A trackside seat for the first ever Indian Grandpre.
• To watch Arsenal play MAN united at the Emirates stadium.
• Bye to my present job. Free lancing would be perfect.
• To take my niece (hope it would be) to my favorite beach and play with her in the sea.
• Break open the nose of THE TOUGHIE with just one punch.
• Sing ‘Allah Ke Bandhe ’ in front of a crowd and yet not get killed.
• Take my Amma to all the places she want to see.
• To live alone in a 1BHK house with a small garden.
• A BIG collection of books.
• Entire collection of DOSTOVESKY.
• To be in the pit garage of Ferrari.
• To watch 100 of the best movies ever made.
• Direct a play.
• Live in Mumbai.
• Unshaven for a year.
• Walk around with a pony tail for a day.
• Ride a horse as fast as I could and reach some unknown place.
• Hike rides and travel to places I don’t have a ക്ലൂ about
• Unlimited fun day with P
• Go for a long long walk with C at Mumbai.
• Bungee jumping and Sky diving.
• Photography unplugged.
• Own entire Calvin and hobbes collection.
• A night out In my favourite beach with the stars .
• To have S*X
• And finally a ‘no return’ Jump into the sea when she is at her fury best.


Priya said...

1.ey, shall i also come with u and c for mumbai walk? pls??? ;D ;D

2.hmm... i guess if u walk around without shaving and in a ponytail, ppl wud help u achieve d last point in ur 'to do' list. so do them only second last. :P

3.secrets in mr.dostovesky's mind came out. hahahahah. read. add more.

Chrisy Issac said...

I liked this wish list becoz it encompasses a lot of things and I am glad that you have openly declared it to the world....Speaking out always removes the fear alle..Did you feel like that--I felt like that after reading your wish lists....


what a list man!!!!such a blatant confession!!!and so many abbrevations??p?c??hmmmmmmmm

vids said...

LOL!! :D nice post!! :D

btw.. i can help u with one of the Dostoevsky and a little of the Calvin... :P