Friday, December 12, 2008

Panama Sateeshan

When Govindan quit his job in the panama factory at Hydrebad and came to his village ,people affectionately started calling him Panama Goivindan.

So it was quite obvious that when Govindan put up a stationary store at the village kavala(junction), it came to be known as panama store
As time passed and the store grew ,the junction changed so much that it demanded a name .. What else could be better name than Panama kavala?

He was 7 when someone just said (just as in chumma said)
“ thenda pokunnu sateeshan ,nammude panamyude mone .” (“There goes our Panama’s son”)
"U didnt get who"
"Nammude panama sateeshan"(“Our Panama Sateeshan”)
The name spread like wildfire and Sateeshan became Panama Sateeshan to one and all.
Time flew ,Panama Sateeshan became interested in singing and had this crazy notion that he sang well.
He was so crazy that he went to learn music professionally and after 2 years of intense training he came back a changed young man (changed means physically changed and not ability wise.) .
A singer needs a platform to perform and Panam Sateeshan sayarted searching for the right company.
But as luck would have ,his own village had govindan kutty and gopalan panikkers orchestra. Two old hands in the field of ballet.
So was born G&G VOICE. With Panam as the lead singer and G&G at the helm of music.

The connoisseurs of G&G VOICE left after their very frst show citing various reasons.
Govindan kutty “ I am too old for the these kind of stuffs” .,..
Gopalan panicker “ I wont play if Panama is the singer”
But people would swear by their ancestors that children cried continuously for two days after that firt G&G VOICE show.
The instruments left G&G VOICE with the real G&G. But it was not enough to dent the spirit of the great Panam Sateeshan.
That day he made a vow
”Be there an instrument or not, I would continue singing”
He collected tracks of hit songs and lured some young school going lads to join him..
and hence G&G VOICE was reborn.
Folklore say that whenevr there is a ‘utsavam’(yearly festival) in the nearby temple ,Panama goes there and gives money as donation to the committee members but on one condition
“MY G&G VOICE should be allowed to play one night”
Gradually it became a norm...
No utsavam would be there without a Panama song !!!!!!!
People dwindled as the shows went on.
When he sung Hemesh Reshamiyya’s song for the first time ,there was a saying amongst the villagers that their dogs howl better.
But Panama was not the type to be affected by that ..

He would sing irrespective of what others had to say about him ..Once he even sang the same song 6 times continuously in front of the only audience(hapless committee members amounting to 5)
All the committe members hado to make him sing 6 times the same song was the dialogue

If there is a marriage in the village ,there would be Panama at the forefront saying
"wat marriage is this?Marriage without music is like a meadow without grass"
He would go get amplifier, microphone and loud speaker from his home and sings free of cost ...Its true that people leave as soon as he starts ,but anyways you need people to clear out those duffer brains who lingers even after the party is over
Panama dont like budding singers like Afsal,Vinneth ,vijay and all
He is of the old school and will sing only SPB ,hariharan ,yesudas etc and his customary dialogue is “let my boys sing songs of small time singers, I will handle the tough songs: PANAMA became old but the G&G VOICE still exists and everytime utsavam comes ,Panama goes to committee office with a small bundle of notes in his hand and says
" THIS is my donation provided, ...................................................."

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r u basheer's fan??reminds me of that easy-gng writings of that brilliant wordsmith...