Sunday, March 29, 2009

Office Talkies

Now a day’s office is pretty fascinating. Long gone are those days where life was monotonous and everything was like a photocopy of the previous day with only issue s and pressure from the top level changing. But now it aint the same anymore. There is an automatic spring in my steps at the mere though of going to office.
It is no longer dull neither can It be termed boring and every single day has an element of surprise in it .
Last Monday it was the news of secretively kicking out people that hogged the limelight .By Tuesday names and numbers started to float around .Silent lips muttering secret prayers, offers to please the almightiness ,hope ,cynicism all were ripe. By Wednesday, rumors gave way to factual stories and more detailed screenplay .The time, the mode, the reasons, the aftermaths, the angry hues, the emotional tumults, the desperation, the sorry plight of the unlucky all became known to one and all. There were hushed voices all around in the pantries, in the restrooms, at the corridors everywhere and there were sighs all around for not being the numbered few. People were talking and discussing as never before and it seemed as if an invisible bonding has been generated. Developments continued as my watch struck 8:30 am on Thursday morning. Numbers were coming all over the country now and even from other Multi National Giants. No one bothered to check on the amount of fiction on this news; it just passed from one lip to another. By Thursday afternoon, an overwhelming gloom started to spread over the entire floor. Then came the news of resignations, the skirmishes at the HR’s room, security being called to intervene and control the frustrated lots. .It was no longer an environment to work and rather all were trying to gather gossips from here and there.
Everything kind of settled down by Friday evening, engineers went back to their normal monotonous jobs and more work to secure their bread and butter . Came afternoon and so the Facility departments mail. It was clear and crisp,
”NO more uncontrolled local calls from PSTN and VOIP folks .U guys are gonna get a password for it and every call needs will be preceded by afore mentioned password ”
In short, it meant in addition to your movements, your printer usage, your overseas calls, your mail box we are goanna monitor your telephone usage also. I was pretty pumped up on seeing the mail . It opened up our lives, and now we are in a game, guessing what would be blocked next .
Wild ideas started to soar with my PA suggesting that the axe would fall on the communicator(official chat window) next.My peer’s opinion was that they would install doors that would only let you in and out on swiping ,an efficient way of getting the exact number of hours spent within the office .T hen there was this idea on the usage of vending machine limiting just 2 coffees for an employee. I was of the opinion of having a chair that would release you from its grips only after 12 hours of work .

I mean, the point is its no longer boring ,its pretty exciting and innovative .Yesterday I went around saying to my project mates that secret closed circuit cameras and microphones are erected at meeting rooms and cubes and so be aware of what one say . I don’t really know how many people believed it but definitely hushed voices became more prominent after that. Take my word guys ,it is interesting ..
Just waiting for this weekend to get over so that I can continue being intrigued and engrossed by my employers.
It is indeed a funny life.

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hey man dont give ideas to ur heads regarding new ways to manage the working hours,like the chair that u have mentioned which will bind u till all the straw has been weaved to gold;)