Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Its indeed a thin line between being adventurous and just being plain stupid .
It was the maddening rain that prompted our 24 year old bodies tired after a long gruesome day of being software engineers into the adventurous mode. The mere thought of rain on our faces and cold wind on our hairs propelled us to ride on our bikes in that heavy rain. So we started our 20 kilometer ride back home with no helmets ,no rain coats and nothing but our two well oiled machines with a very interesting history of failed brakes.
Rain bring songs to the heart, retracing the old melodies and re-creating the feeling of being close to the nature. So we continued our journey in that near zero percent visbility night ,battling the heavy and painful raindrops and cold winds with old songs on our lips and small beautiful lights in front of us .
The first thing I could make out in that muddy pool was that those beautiful lights were from a eight wheeled monster and that it had with utmost compassion drove us into the mud pile by the side.Brave are those who face adversities with head held high .We thought we were brave and a lorry was not going to dent our courage .Inspite of the slight bruises we had, we decided to act brave (foolish).You know what,it always works in movies.
The lorry ordeal did shake us and forced us change gears to circumspect mode .To accompany the rising fear inside the ‘acting brave’ comrades,there was this strong wind making it difficult to even keep the eyes open.
This time we were not drawn into any puddle by monster trucks ,but found ourselves a way into a water pool. If lady luck smiled on us the last time then this time she didn’t give a damn. Anyhow we had no more doubts regarding the rest of the journey because a broken silencer filled with water cleared it all for us.

  • Seven was the number of kilometers we had to push our bikes in that bloody rain to reach home .
  • Two was the no of hours it took.
  • Three was the number of flying squads that stopped us to check whether we were anti social elements.
  • One was the number of thousands it took to repair our bikes.
  • Infinity was the number of times we swore at each other that night for taking that idiotic trip


Priya said...

hey i wil read this again. since i dint totaly understand it first. n its interesting. ur style.. finaly i admit.. u got styleee pk :)

Chrisy Issac said...

I realised that being original is what brings out the best in a person....SOMEHOW OR THE OTHERS THAT The ONLY COMMENT I FEEL LIKE GIVING AFTER reading this......I liked the last para you wrote the best since it had a lot of truth in it........and well put making it sound interesting.....