Sunday, October 26, 2008


“Why do these guys take so long?”
That was going through my mind as I was standing in front of the restaurant waiting for my parcel so that the eight bowels waiting anxiously back home could be satiated.

It was 8 30 in the evening and the wide, well tarred Manacaud road immersed in the yellow light of the overhead neon lamps was at its busy best.
All of a sudden a police jeep screeched in front of me ,swerved ,drew a semi circle on the road and braked heavily with a loud squeak in front of a KSRTC bus teemed with passengers. The poor hapless bus driver was taken by surprise but nevertheless he too braked at the right time to avoid crashing into the Blue vehicle of justice.

The entire street stood watching for it was like some scene directly plucked out from the action flicks of Suresh Gopi.
The driver of the jeep, a well built man in his late twenties with a uniform clinging on to his torso and with busting biceps jumped out of the vehicle and walked briskly towards the rear of the bus. He then gets hold of the last guy who was standing on the footboard by his collar and slapped him left and right .It was followed by the next guy and the next and next .I really lost count midway ,but I did get the chance to improve my vocabulary on swearing . Such were the impact of those profanities that I knew at once my immense knowledge at this field was worthless before the master.
Seriously, this guy was so good .(How do these guys always update with new and new words? Oww Man, gems they were, wish I had a pen and a paper with me . :-( )

Our hero then punched a couple of them on their back and then pushed and shoved all those teenagers into the bus and ensured that they reached the front of the bus .Needless to say that all these were accompanied by the above said NICE words at regular intervals .
But the real icing on the cake was his last dialogue.
“If I catch anyone of you standing on the footboard again ,consider that it would be the last time you will be STANDING on anything,”
Standing tall, straightening his collar, he calmly walks back to his jeep, gets in and Vrooommmmmmmmm.

The impact was stupendous, people stood by the sidewalks in awe and undoubtedly with eyes showering respect.
As for me I couldn’t help myself admiring that guy and I am damn sure that if were part of the fairer sex,I would have fallen heads over heels for him.

It was when I collected my parcel, that the shop keeper candidly remarked “He is Suresh, the new Sub Inspector and we fondly call him SURESH GOPI”

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