Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 2010 in a nutshell

  • Working like a donkey. 14 hours a day: its just normal .
  • Bye bye Infy. Time to chase dreams.
  • Bali, here I come.
  • Oyee,I am a proud uncle and yes, yes I have a niece.
  • Sleeping, eating, reading , watching movies, writing and thinking .Oh its heaven.
  • Train to Pune. New destination, new chapter.
  • TFI training . One month. Sleep deprived.
  • Surprise number one.
  • Mumbai ,be ready .I am on the way .
  • My dream city. Even the rain greeting me is so enticing.
  • House hunting. Need a house on rent ,not buying. What????Oh that’s the rent!!!!!!I thought…..
  • Finally a house . Starting an austere life.
  • Rain .I love it .Its so cool.
  • Bad news from home.
  • Sidharth Nagar Municipal school…55 brats ….:)
  • Surprise number 2.
  • Lost my mobile and my umbrella.
  • Still raining!!!! Hate going to school all wet.
  • Sidharth Nagar Municipal school .Now only 30 brats .:)
  • Oh yeah you guessed it all right .It is still raining .God, how I hate rains…J
  • Did I tell you ?? I lost my new mobile also.
  • Mumbai darshan …
  • Good brats ,bad brats ,but they are all my brats .Love them.
  • Kids celebrating my birthday . Only 15 days in advance. Owe them a lot.
  • It is time for wallet . I lost it .Lost everything ,all cards ,all ids and even the house key :)
  • Diwali .20 days off.
  • Police station ,emergency calls .
  • Awesome day even though got locked out.
  • God’s own country .I am back after six months .
  • Eating, sleeping, reading ,watching tv ,travelling, government offices and lots of free advices from everyone.
  • Off to Ahemedabad . Different.
  • May my grandmother’s soul rest in peace . Bye bye grandmother .
  • More bad news.
  • Terrible last unit .
  • These two days were simply great .Owe you ,I really owe you.
  • Bad news just keeps coming.
  • Christmas vacation .Quality time with myself .Enjoying it.
  • Thank you.
  • New year’s eve. Watching Mumbai usher in new year .
  • A movie later it is indeed a new year .

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Anonymous said...

hey you gotta say what is surprise 1 and surprise 2! otherwise it will just remain surprises! you gotta relieve the poor suppressed surprises!