Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny World

And pin drop silence ensued.
I could see my brother giggling trying his level best from bursting out .

Father rushed out as if he left the button to destroy the world unguarded.
Mother was building up a small rage which clearly read ‘Don’t you have anything to study??

And off I was, banished to my room thereby scything off the regular 9-10 television time .

So what did I do wrong ?? With the Social studies book wide open , I retraced the events that occurred in the last 3minutes .

9:12 : Advertisement in tv: A guy walks to a medical shop ,seemed confused and reticent and finally blurts out stammering “Couldd I haave a packkkk of mmm aaaa mmmmm…….”

9:13: A young 11 year old lad watching the tv got more confused with the shy ways of the grown up man and blurts out “Ayye,Why is he asking for a pack of cards in a medical shop ? Ask my dad ,he has got many……. .”

9:14: Silence ensues and proclamation of banishment.

‘So what did this 11 year old lad do wrong to deserve the curtailment of the much anticipated entertainment time’ the lad goes on thinking with Social studies book open.


vids said...

Not restricted to 11 yr olds.. Even now, my parents are not very comfy about me watching things even less "disgraceful" than 'mmmm aaaa mmmmmm...' ads! :P

Nithin Rajan said...

finally found your blog:)
yes that was quite a cryptic ad...they should have made it more explicit..then i wouldn't have mono-acted it during power-cuts (i was in 6th standard those days i think)

Anonymous said...