Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bubble man

There he was, sitting on a sand dume on the lighted part of the beach with wind blowing across ..
He was the bubble man blowing bubbles.

Bubble man blows bubbles.
Foamy and frothy, these soap suds
Hovering in the air, blown away by the wind.
Bringing delight to the eyes and a smile on the lips.

Children gather around the bubble man .To them it is their bubble uncle who just goes on making bubbles for them to chase .These bubbles always eludes the chasing little bundles of laughter ,however hard they run. They run back to the bubble man dejected unable to catch the wandering lather only to chase the next set of bubbles coz
Bubble man blows bubbles.
For children to chase .

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Akshaya said...

loved this one...